Blakcoat / Roger

by Mould



Mould's Blakcoat / Roger is a mirror image of what is now an alien culture, sunk into mercurial minimalistic electronics. This reflection on creation itself is characterized by industrialized, rhythmic machinist constructions and live, straight-to-tape sequences. Beyond the pervasive sense of inescapable recurrences, which are only reinforced by saturated feedback loops, the whole album is a testimonial to the blackened sounds of Berlin school electronics.

This recording is an overpass between reductionist analogue mechanics and deep, zen-ritualistic undertones. There is a strong sense of disintegration, but there is also the comfort of repetition, machinistic motion, and enduring returns to the source. Whatever doesn't dissolve into a new, slightly modified version of its previous self is left to the grind of gargantuan apparatus with no sense of time or place. The future is melting into itself and there is no one around to care anymore.

Recorded and produced 2012.
Cloudchamber Recordings edition #CC06.

Tape/digital available on


released September 13, 2014

Mould are: MFB Kraftzwerg, Jomox MBase11, Roland SP-404, Akai Headrush, EHX Cathedral.



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